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We offer business brokerage services to a diverse range of businesses and in a variety of industries. Some of the reasons to work with us are below:

Seller Services


Atlantic Business Brokers, LLC works with small to mid size businesses.  We specialize in finding quality buyers for the Sellers with whom we work.  The selling process can be a confusing process and we utilize our resources to simplify the process.


There are many otions for sellers that should be considered for an exit strategy from an outright sale, to a merger, to an equity partner, etc...  We can help business owners to decide which option is best for their exit strategy.


Some of the reasons to consider Atlantic Business Brokers, LLC


  • Confidentiality
  • Determining the fair market value
  • Finding qualified buyers
  • Helping clients negotiate and structure offers
  • Step by step assistance through the selling process
  • No upfront fees or retainers
  • Extensive research capabilities
  • Free document preparation
  • No closing, no fee


Buyer Services


From small main street businesses to mid size mergers and acquisitions, Atlantic Business Brokers, LLC has the experience to find the business for you.  When purchasing a business, it is important to find the right location, review the current lease, and analyze the financials.


Some of the reasons to consider Atlantic Business Brokers, LLC

  • Determining the fair market value
  • Locating businesses for sale
  • Helping clients negotiate and structure their offers
  • Extensive research capabilites
  • Knowledge and licensed in commercial real estate
  • Ability to negotiate and/or renegotiate current leases
  • Ability to analyze the financials of the business to make a fair offer
  • Work with outside brokers to locate additional businesses


Cooperating Brokers


If you are a Broker we understand your reluctance to share fees.  Our company is designed to help you find Buyers for your Sellers, without sharing your fee.  We work on behalf of our registered buyers who pay our fee.  All dealings with Buyers are subject to your direction and close coordination between our firms.


Why work with Atlantic Business Brokers, LLC

  • Affiliated with a larger company with access to 1,000's of buyers and sellers
  • Confidentiality is always maintained
  • We will provide our Buyers with a blind profile of your listing
  • All Buyers MUST sign an NDA prior to disclosing any information
  • All communication goes through the Brokers and not the Buyers and Sellers

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